Destinus revealed the second prototype of an experimental hypersonic aircraft. Eiger – is a truck-sized aircraft and its shape is based on a hypersonic design with a high internal volume for accommodating hydrogen in the future. It is a test-bed for developing tools, structures, processes, and autonomy. The prototype design began in late 2021 and manufacturing took a little over 6 months.

One of the most challenging tasks for a versatile hydrogen-powered hypersonic aircraft is the aeroshape and flight dynamics. Flying at high speeds requires special design, that has to take into account the internal volume sufficient to accommodate the necessary supply of liquid hydrogen. But such an aeroshape is extremely difficult to control at low speeds. Understanding the science of flying such a vehicle is the first step toward mastering hypersonic speeds.

Destinus also announced that they are in the process of closing our investment round. The minimum investment that can be invested directly in the round is CHF 1 million. Still, there is an opportunity to invest a smaller amount through one of the syndicates participating in the round.