Per Mindrock's request, OFAC reaffirms
people's right to invest in the US
regardless of the citizenship

San Francisco, July 5, 2022 – Mindrock, a San Francisco venture firm, has received a direct, unequivocal confirmation from the Office of Foreign Assets Control ("OFAC") of the US Department of the Treasury, that US investment firms may accept funds from any citizens or persons and companies located anywhere, provided they are not under sanction (identified on the Specially Designated Persons ("SDN") list and successfully pass KYC/AML.

OFAC administers and enforces economic and trade sanctions imposed by the US government but does not prevent investment into the US from any unsanctioned person or entity with a confirmed identity and legitimate funds.

Mindrock's compliance and legal team dutifully follows all legal and compliance rules and regulations, constantly monitors the SDN and other sanctions lists and the status of all potential and current investors, before allowing them to invest in any transaction.

For legal entities, Mindrock carefully traces the identity of the beneficial owners (shareholders) and identifies the real party in interest, authenticates their identities and the legitimate source of their investment funds, to ensure that both the entity and the beneficial owners (with a controlling interest) are not on the SDN list and pass KYC/AML.

As long as the persons, entities and their beneficial owners are not on the sanctions list, there is no restriction on these individuals investing in Mindrock's US SPV's, no matter what citizenship they may hold.

There are no restrictions on any legitimate investor with legitimate funds to invest in the US economy.

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